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Alan's Driving School Horsham

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Ellie West
Having not driven much since passing my test 10 years ago, I had a couple of refresher lessons with Alan. Even after a few hours I felt much more confident on the road. He was calm, patient and made me feel completely at ease during the lessons. Thank you Alan!

Jake Harwood
Alan is an amazing instructor, great at explaining scenarios, helps with many little tips. Despite the difficulties of arranging time for lessons, Alan was very flexible, making the changes necessary to ensure I passed. Would highly recommend to any first time drivers, or anyone who has been previously driving but not passed.

Josh Harle
Alan is a fantastic instructor who manged to bring me up to test standard in just 3 weeks after my old instructor stopped working. He is very accommodating as he is able to do lessons around your schedule and confirms availability every week. He has developed a fool-proof parallel parking technique that gets perfect results every time in his very clean and comfortable car. 10/10, I would highly recommend Alan to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive.

Amazing! Alan helped me pass my test even though I had been away at university for 4 months we still managed to make it work. He was so helpful and really tailored the driving lessons to what I needed not just what I should be doing at that stage of lessons. I found that even when I wasn’t quite on the ball that day Alan helped me to smash the driving anyway! I wouldn’t have been able to pass without Alan. I also think the lessons are very good value for money and he doesn’t rip you off at all! 10/10 would recommend. Every lesson with Alan you will learn so much and want to get straight back in the car again. Thank you Alan.

Terence Rebello
Thank you Alan for helping me pass my driving test on the first attempt! Your are a gem of a driving instructor and a very humble human being. I truly enjoyed our classes together. Though I have driven for almost 15 years of my life it was on the left side of the road and in different countries and I had picked up many bad habits along the way. e.g I used to hold the steering wheel with one hand. This is very risky in the UK driving conditions and Alan immediately spotted it on my first drive out with him. Teaching someone entirely new might be challenging but helping someone like me unlearn and learn the correct & safe techniques needs patience and perseverance and Alan has tons of it. I liked how he planned our classes according to the level I needed and that made every class so much exciting as I was unlearning and learning something new. He is always watching your every move and tailors the session accordingly while constantly providing feedback when it is safe to do. Besides his excellent driving lessons he is true professional and has everything well planned and would provide or expect any updates much ahead of the booked slot. His car is beautiful and well maintained and in my opinion perfect for learning to drive. And lastly thank you for playing your part in making our roads safer. Every driver you train means another safe and competent driver on our roads. You are doing a great service. Anyone out there who wishes to learn driving the right way, wants to be safe and keep others safe on the road and lives in the areas alan covers don't think twice and just go ahead and enjoy your sessions with Alan. Alan I will see you in the new year for the pass plus sessions too. Remember: It is all about safety and keeping others safe while driving! Obgrigado! Terence

Connie Davies
10/10 - Excellent! I could honestly not recommend Alan anymore highly. Throughout my journey Alan has constantly been friendly, calm, and patient, and has always had the ability to put me at ease. No matter what, Alan has been motivational and encouraging whilst time after time working around the clock to ensure that I’ve been able to reach my goals allowing me to really enjoy my lessons, and look forward to them. Alan has even developed foolproof techniques to carry out successful 10/10 manoeuvres! Undoubtedly, Alan is the best instructor in the game!

Amy Cook
What can I say about Alan, I can not recommend this lovely man enough! I have been with Alan since day one of his LDC journey and passed today all thanks to him! He is an amazing instructor, makes sure you feel at ease and really makes you feel like you’ve got a friend with you supporting you at the wheel, I really couldn’t recommend him enough! Thank you so much for everything Alan you’ve been amazing! 🥰

Daniel Hollings
I could not recommend Alan enough - he's a fair and honest driving instructor who works around the clock to ensure that you have all of the lessons you need to pass. Not only that, he doesn't try to exploit you and prides himself on his profesionalism - he's truly one of a kind! I couldn't recommend him enough!

Catherine Batchelor
Alan has been a brilliant driving instructor. He has tought me, as an existing driver who has not driven for 10 years to get back on the road safely. Throughout our lessons he has always been calm, patient and encouraging. He put me at ease and given me confidence. He is articulate in explaining what he wants you to do and why it's important or necessary giving you a better grounding and understanding. He has been easy to communicate and arrange lessons with. I feel I struck very lucky with Alan as a teacher and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others.

Fraser White
Alan's supportive high quality teaching got me a pass first time! I definitely recommend him for new drivers.

Kicca Mcdermid
I would highly recommend Alan as a driving instructor, he is patient, enthusiastic and motivational. I was low in confidence when I started driving but Alan was able to boost my driving ability and turn me into a far more confident driver. Again, I can’t highly recommend Alan enough!

Vanessa Northway
Alan has been fantastic! Our son is trying to get his lessons finished whilst on vacation from uni and Alan has been very accommodating to our family, patient beyond belief and an excelllent teacher. Our son is very sad to say cheerio and is now heading to Devon for some work and will sign up with another LDC instructor. We know it's not normal practice for a learner to need to go between two or more instructors but Alan has been aware of our circumstances and so helpful. Alan... you have been such a blessing. Thank you and next year I shall be sending the 2nd learner in the family to you for the full set of lessons!

Andy Humes
I would have no hesitation recommending Alan as a driving instructor. He explained everything in an easy-to-follow manner, structured my lessons in a way that always challenged me, and taught me real driving skills, that will benefit me long after I passed my test. Alan's feedback was always constructive, and his lesson plans were catered to what I wanted to do, as well as what he knew I needed improvement on. His calm demeanour, and sunny disposition, put me at ease, and meant that I felt confident in my ability going into the Test Centre. Learning to drive in your 30s brings its own pressures, but Alan's approach alleviates those, and allows you to just get on with learning. The Nissan Juke is slightly larger than the typical learner driver car. However, its raised position in the road gives you a great view, the lights sit proud and make it easier to gauge where the four corners of the car are, and the large wing mirrors make parking manoeuvres simpler. I have already recommended Alan to another learner driver I know, and will definitely be passing on his details to any other people I know, who are interested in learning how to drive.

Amy Cook
Great instructor
Alan is really an amazing instructor. He’s calmed my nerves when driving and helped me feel at ease on the roads ! Alan can make a positive out of anything which gives me confidence and helps me to focus on the things I’ve learned in the lesson. He has a good sense of humour, we can laugh of the mistakes I made during our early lessons together. I could not recommend Alan enough !